This was a huge lesson!!

I am a mad keen rugby fan ( fanatic actually) and was up this morning at 4.30am to watch the mighty All Blacks play in the world cup final. Sitting in the sun after a monumental encounter I got to thinking about what the team achieved and how if I could adopt some of their philosophies into my business , what could be possible?

Here's what I figured out.( for me that is!)

Setting a goal is paramount and never take your eye of the prize

It takes time, commitment, dedication and unwavering belief

The team is more important than the individuals in it

Give 100% of yourself for the team

Go hard or go home

When a team mate is battling, take up the slack

When things seems tough , be tougher

When the plan seems not to be working , don't panic and stick to the plan

When the competition come at you hard, push back harder

When you win the prize , be humble but celebrate the win

then what.....

Repeat , repeat , repeat.......

Take all folks




  • Loved reading this – all too true, something we often need to do is sit & reflect on events in life!

  • I enjoyed reading this Sharron and the thought you put into writing it with really insightful points made that show we can take a lot of the mental strength and outlook the AB’s have as a team and use it in our business too!

  • Thanks Mel , glad you enjoyed !

  • Wow!! Fantastic blog! Totally agree with this thanks!


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